Are you a licensed hair professional with reliable transportation?

Homecuts is launching in your area!  We are looking for hair professionals who want to run their own business without many of the traditional overhead costs through our new mobile app.

Start your mobile business today!

Customize your profile

Here’s where you set your availability, add services and set prices, set up photo gallery, and describe yourself.  Show off your skills and list specialties to set yourself apart.

Receive appointments

Receive appointment alerts and see weekly schedule through the app.  Customer correspondence features and our Scheduling algorithm ensure quality appointments.

Cut, Clean, Capture

It’s as simple as that.  Provide a great experience and grow your rating.  Capture and share on social media through the app to build your customer base.

Make money

We are here to make you money.  Build your mobile business through quality, timeliness, and cleanliness.  Reach a larger market with almost none of the costs.


What you will need for your mobile business

Scissors, mirrors, and other tools — Your total inventory of tools or supplies for the hair services you have specified.  Your presentation is a key part of the customer experience, make sure all tools and supplies are clean.

Handheld or Small vacuum — Part of the mobile hair business experience we provide is a clean environment when we are done.  Bringing this item ensures you have the means to sufficiently clean up after the appointment, and earn a great rating.

Smocks and other supplies — We are bringing all aspects of the barbershop or the salon to the customer.  Don’t forget to include enough clean and laundered smocks for your entire day’s worth of appointments, all cleaning supplies for your scissors and tools, a spray water bottle and all other supplies used for your hair services.  

Travel or Folding Chair —  We cannot rely on customers having the adequate equipment in their home so bringing your own chair ensures a complete appointment every time.  A sturdy and light travel or folding chair will meet this requirement and can be brought along in or with a large bag of supplies.

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